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Out in the Blue / Live at the Playroom 84 - 1 GB USB bracelet

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This Album / Media bracelet's menu was made for Windows only. If you have a Mac you can add the tracks to your Itunes and save photos and videos on your computer for later viewing. If you have downloaded the information from the USB bracelet and you wish to erase the information on the device, you may format the bracelet and use it as a 1GB flash drive. *Please note that we cannot offer support for this use.

Contains the entire double CD of "Out in the Blue / Live at the Playroom 84" plus:
• music video of Out in the Blue
• music video of Blue Hotel
• Jimmy Barnes biography
• exclusive photos
• updated news, links and more

Liberation Music has partnered with New Found Frequency to launch Jimmy Barnes new album using USB technology: Alive Drive - a cutting edge, new technology delivering exclusive audio, video and image content, along with live updates to fans across the country via the web; all through a branded, USB wristband.

Jimmy Barnes is the first Australian solo artist to use the new format for the much anticipated Tour Edition of the 'Out In The Blue' album which also features a full blown concert recorded live at the legendary Playroom on the Gold Coast in 1984.

At the forefront of this technology is Melbourne-based music company New Found Frequency, who are bringing the patented USB wristband and software, otherwise known as Alive Drive, to the technologically savvy Australian marketplace. Alive Drive opens a world of opportunities to both recording artists and record labels with the need for new and clever merchandise to keep fans engaged. Jimmy Barnes and Liberation were keen to embrace this new format for the re-package of the #1 platinum album 'Out In The Blue' album as it allows them to converge Jimmy's recorded music and bonus content with the live concert experience on one very robust and portable device.


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